No matter where you travel, weather determines whether or not you’ll make it. The favorite subject of postcards: weather looms large on vacation, where a rainy day can ruin a perfectly planned outing and a sunny, 72-degree one can make it something magical. Beyond the delays travelers encounter due to inclement conditions—snow, wind, rain, and sometimes even volcanic ash—trips to the beach, to the slopes, to trout-filled rivers, to rocky trails, to campgrounds and National Parks all depend on the right kind of weather. Travel + Leisure can’t predict the future (though we're probably as good as your local meteorologist), but we can keep you updated on how weather impacts travel around the world. We can also help you prepare for all outcomes, whether it’s a rainy day or a travel delay.Weather AlertsT+L tracks large-scale weather events—hurricanes, heat waves—that impact or even spur travel. An especially cold winter in the northern United States, for instance, might send droves to Caribbean beaches. Check in with your local weather authority for the most up-to-date information (or download one of our favorite, editor-approved travel apps), and visit us for how it may or may not impact your vacation.World WeatherWeather conditions vary across the world, and they depend as much on season as they do on geography. You probably don’t want to travel to a tropical beach during the rainy season, or to a skiing destination when there’s no snow on the ground. A little research ahead of time—on average temperatures, average rainfall—can make all the difference in the world.Natural DisastersNatural disasters can impact a place for generations. The 1900 Galveston hurricane practically wiped the city off the map, killing thousands (the deadliest single-day event in U.S. history) and driving survivors—both residents and a growing oil business—to Houston for good. Travel + Leisure tracks the effects of major natural catastrophes in both the short and long term, from earthquake recoveries in Italy to the long-term changes Hurricane Katrina has wrought in New Orleans.

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